Property Maintenance



By adopting the International Property Maintenance Code a community attempts to ensure a minimum level of safety and sanitation for both the general public and the occupants of a structure, and to maintain a building’s structural and weather-resistance performance. 

Many common complaints that fall under this code are overgrown weeds, debris, vacant and dangerous buildings and abandoned or junked vehicles.  Additional fire safety requirements, plumbing, mechanical and electrical requirements are also addressed in this ordinance which may cause violators to be subject to fines and penalties.

Lower Alsace Township is a very special community of tree lined streets, well kept homes and unique architecture.  Safe and decent housekeeping is everyone's responsibility. What each of us does affects our neighbors and our neighborhood. Protecting your investment and the health of the occupants by maintaining your property in good repair is the right thing to do – for everyone.


Curbs & Sidewalks

Residents are responsible to keep their curbs and sidewalks in good condition. Inspections are made and letters sent every 2-3 years when repairs are deemed necessary. In the winter, residents are required to remove the snow and ice from the sidewalks surrounding their property within 24 hours of a storm.


Residents are responsible for maintaining their trees. Lower Alsace Township Ordinance No 37 requires that “trees shall not be permitted to grow on any property with limbs extending over the sidewalks of the Township at a height of less than 8 feet from the surface of the said sidewalk or over the Township streets, roads or alleys at a height of less than 12 feet from the surface of such streets, roads or alleys.”

We sincerely appreciate all the cooperation we receive from our township residents in keeping their trees property maintained. 

Snow Removal

Snow Emergency information will be posted as an announcement on the home page of this web site, and also on WEEU (830 am), WRFY (102.5 fm), and TV 69 News (channel 9).

If you are on an emergency route, your vehicle must be removed from the street. The following roads are designated Township Snow Emergency Routes:

  • Harvey Avenue – from Carsonia Avenue to Exeter Township line.
  • Columbia Avenue – from Carsonia Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue
  • Marshall Avenue (Stony Creek) – from Antietam Road to Logan Street
  • Prospect Street – from Carsonia Avenue to its intersection with North 26th Street
  • Cherrydale Avenue – from Friedensburg Road to its intersection with Carsonia Avenue
  • North 25th Street – from Harvey Avenue to Park Street (west side)

Please help our emergency workers by making sure that the snow is cleared from the fire hydrant in front of your property.